We Serve Land Owners by Providing Farm and Ranch Expertise

Asset Conservation. Land Management. Management Continuity.

Valor Farm and Ranch advisors is an advisory company helping land owners conserve their most valuable assets. We work to help owners achieve their goals for their land by providing many advisory services.

Land and Environmental Conservation

Valor understands that for most family’s land is a generational asset. We have experience advising clients on wide-ranging conservation matters. Additionally, we advise clients on important government programs, such as the Conservation Reserve Program and the Wetland Reserve Program.

Administration and Finance

We have a team of professionals provide full accounting and bookkeeping services, advising on tax matters, including property taxes. We also help our clients with estate planning and succession matters. Further, we offer advice on insurance and hedging programs. Finally, we help our clients secure funds through grant writing and government programs, as well as agricultural lending consulting.

Wildlife Habitat

There is not much more that our Valor teams enjoys more than working with wildlife and helping improve the habitat they call home. So, this is a natural fit for us. We have experience working with all types of wildlife from native whitetail to the most unique of exotic animals. And as any good biologist knows, the Habitat is just as important as the animals themselves. So, we will work with you to determine what you would like to achieve on your ranch. We have vast experience working in all regions from the brush of South Texas and the Plains of the Panhandle.

Livestock and Crops

If you are looking to run your own cattle or grow your own crops, Valor is here to help you with that. Our team has multi-generational experience doing this with over 32,000 head of cattle and 86,000 surface acres under management. Also, if running your own cattle or growing your own crop is more that you are looking to do we can help find someone to lease your land so the land will be under agricultural exemption.

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