What are the Key Benefits of Mineral Management?

How Using Valor’s Services Can Help You

Clarity and Communication

Our clients range from generational owners to savvy buyers to family members that just inherited assets and do not know where to begin. The common thread for all mineral owners is that they want clarity in what they own and communication and guidance when something is amiss or confusing. Mineral rights owners also want to know if they are being paid correctly on their assets. Our experienced team of certified mineral managers and accountants can provide the information and knowledge you seek when it comes to your oil and gas minerals.

Access to Your Interests – Anytime, Anywhere

Through the use of Valor's state of the art software, mineral.tech®, you can stay informed about your portfolio in real-time from anywhere in the world. Using our cloud-based royalty management software greatly increases transparency and brings you peace of mind that your assets are being properly managed.

Seamless, Technology-Enabled Management

mineral.tech® is our cloud-based, user-friendly, intuitive software that allows you access to review monthly revenue, monitor production, understand regulatory and drilling activity, and survey mapped mineral interests with ease. From your dashboard, you can see your total number of interests, royalty acres and other critical statistics and analytics that provide valuable insight related to your oil and gas assets.

Detailed Revenue Accounting Services

Our team provides clarity in how much revenue your assets are earning by tracking trends and dissecting your revenue data by month, payor, interest type and gaps in payments. We can customize your revenue reporting to meet your needs. Valor's oil and gas accounting is state-of-the-art and provides our clients with detailed and informative real-time data.


We have prioritized continuously updating our software, mineral.tech®, to allow for visual, real-time, and accessible reporting for our clients. Some mineral.tech® report examples include:

  • Deposit Reports
  • Interest Revenue Reports
  • Payor Revenue Reports
  • 1099 Analysis
  • Property Tax Reports
  • Missing Revenue Reports
  • Wells Not in Pay Reports

All reports can be run based on production date, check date and deposit date. Valor can also create and customize a full reporting suite based on client needs.

Access a team of experts

By partnering with Valor, you are able to access the diverse experience of our team of professionals without the hassle and expense of hiring multiple employees on your own. Valor is equipped with a team of experts with wide-ranging experiences and skill sets. Our team is comprised of in-house landmen, accounting professionals, CPAs and land professionals, including CPLs, CMMs, JD, and CFTA.

Inventory of Interests: Know and See What You Own

With our digital mapping services, we create an interactive map of your oil and gas interests by county and tract. Our dynamic map provides a visual tool of your producing wells in addition to those wells that are completed but not producing, non-producing, and inactive. With mineral.tech®, you can quickly access your interests, with key data, as well as sort and dissect the information.

Lease Negotiation and Counsel

When a lease offer arrives, it may be tempting to immediately accept the offer without considering the long-term implications. Valor helps our clients get the best possible deal and ensure that you and your assets are optimized and protected. Valor has attorneys and certified professional landmen on our team, with years of experience reviewing, negotiating, managing and operating oil and gas leases.

Ownership Verification and Correction

Title verification and correction can be a frustrating, confusing process – especially if you need to correct instruments and conduct a reconciliation in anticipation of a lease offer. Valor's trusted and proficient professional landmen can efficiently conduct the legwork and produce a report that shows the chain of title as well as provide recommendations for next steps.

Document Digitization and Centralization

Files get lost or misplaced in homes and offices all the time. In many instances, the only proof an owner has of his/her interests is the paperwork that they possess. Valor can digitize and centralize our client's paperwork to prevent misplacement or destruction of proof of your valuable assets.

Estate Planning

At Valor, we understand the importance of thorough estate planning to ensure you have secured your mineral rights for your beneficiaries. We believe addressing questions head-on — with knowledge and clarity — can help set you on the path to a successful mineral estate succession plan. It is our goal to support you in setting up your inheritors with clear, well-thought-out direction for them when the time comes to take on your mineral rights.

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