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Valor Operator Services is the leader in oil and gas consulting, business process outsourcing, oil and gas accounting, oil and gas back office solutions, advisory and land management. The company was built by multi-generational oil and gas professionals to provide value to oil and gas operators. Valor is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and has an office in Midland, Texas. We provide oil and gas back office solutions for oil and gas operators that includes oil and gas accounting, revenue accounting, joint interest billing, land management, division order outsourcing and owner relations outsourcing.

Outsourced Oil and Gas Accounting Solutions

Valor serves as an oil and gas back office for oil and gas operators and energy investors. We offer oil and gas bookkeeping, revenue accounting and general ledger accounting for oil and gas operators and investors. We process monthly revenue statements and distributions, calculate state, federal and withholding taxes and serve as the liaison between the operator and third parties. We prepare and process monthly joint interest billings and JIB accounting. We prepare and file monthly severance tax reports and state withholding remittance. We prepare and file monthly Texas Railroad Commission Production Reports.

Land Management and Workflow Solutions

Members of the Valor team hold highly regarded industry certifications including Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Certified Professional Landman (CPL). We have operated oil and gas wells on behalf of ourselves and third-parties for generations and know what it takes to maintain proper oil and gas well files. We streamline data capture processes and simplify the storage and retrieval of pertinent information. We provide full service lease records department outsourcing, set up and maintain records, generate monthly obligation reports, digital mapping and lease obligation and expiration reporting.

Division Orders and Owner Relations

Valor provides complete owner relations outsourcing and division order maintenance. We are your division order department. We set up and maintain pay decks and ownership records, validate owner EINs for accuracy, maintain owner pay status and research owners that can't be found. We resolve revenue and JIB discrepancies, distribute division orders and title requirements and manage owner relations. Valor is the premier provider of oil and gas back office division order services.

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